Archival Scanning Service

Do you find that with your current art capture method that something gets lost in the translation? The color is slightly off? A bit out of focus? Is it just not quite how you imagined it? Sometimes it is hard to put the finger on what went wrong. Volumes and volumes have been written about the many ways to capture artwork. Like life, you can have it as simple or as complicated as you chose. The Cruse keeps it simple. It truly takes genius to take something that is complex in nature and through engineering, make it operate simply and efficiently.

The Cruse is a hybrid between a graphics art capture stand of old and a the workings of a flatbed scanner such as you may have used to make a copy or send a fax. The bed of the machine holds the artwork like an easel, from the back. The vacuum easel gently holds loose documents such as watercolors, pencil drawings, etc in place There is no glass in the way to distort the image as exists in a traditional flatbed scanner. The angular position of the patented Syncron lights eliminate hot spots, glare and reflections. The end result, a highly detailed, sharp, color correct image that can go directly to use without the use of Photoshopping.

The Cruse Scanner we operate is designed from the ground up to capture the finest details with the sharpest focus imaginable. Cruse Imaging systems are used worldwide by institutions and Governments such as the Getty Museum and the Chinese Government to archive delicate and irreplaceable works of art, capturing all the fine details of the original, with stunning realism that truly captures the essence of the original. Every brush stroke, and every gentle color transition is captured with stunning realism. It truly must be seen to be appreciated. We invite you to experience the difference.